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New book about CBC

- April 9th, 2012

The Tower of Babble by Richard Stursberg is being billed as the first true insider account of the going-ons at the CBC written by a manager.

In 2004, Stursberg was appointed head of CBC’s television services and in 2008 he became the head of all English services. Like most things connected with the CBC, there was a lot of debate. Under Stursberg, the CBC lost the broadcast rights for the CFL, curling and 2010-2012 Olympics. At the same time, he signed the biggest NHL deal in history. He had terrible flops like The One and hits like Dragon’s Den, Battle of the Blades and Little Mosque.

In The Tower of Babble, Stursberg outlines what he did, why he did it and why it mattered.

It’s no secret that Sun Media, which operates the Suns in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa, has its issues with the CBC and mostly on how it spends taxpayers’ dollars. But putting that aside, I think this is going to be a pretty interesting book. I might even put in a request to interview Mr. Stursberg. Stay tuned.

John Updike

- April 9th, 2012

Although John Updike passed away in 2009, a new collection of his essays has been published. To read the Sun Media review, click here.

The Hunger Games

- April 9th, 2012

As much as I like The Hunger Games and the follow-up novels, I’m getting a little tired of seeing them at the top of the Amazon best-selling list. They were briefly knocked out of the top spot with the Harry Potter e-editions went on sale but it only last for a few days. And the movie coming in at the top of the box office this past weekend, there’s bound to be continued interest in the novels.

How To Catch an African Chicken

- April 9th, 2012

The Ottawa woman who became the poster child for marriage fraud has now written a book about her experience.

Lainie Towell traveled to Guinea West Africa in 2004 and fell in love with a Guinean drummer named Fodé Mohamed “Akra” Soumah. Eventually they got married. But 29 days after he arrived in Canada, he disappeared. It wasn’t true love. It was marriage fraud. What Akra wanted was his Canadian permanent residency status.

Towell took her case to the public. One event saw her march to Parliament Hill in a white wedding dress while she carried a door on her back. It was a great way to catch the media’s attention who turned out in droves. Since then, Towell has been credited for motivating the government to tighten Canadian laws around marriages of convenience.

Towell still lives in the Ottawa region and you can download her book from Amaazon. It’s called How to Catch an African Chicken.



- April 9th, 2012

With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey series, publishers are getting on the bandwagon by promoting new and old titles. Take these as you read them. If you’re a fan of this genre, perhaps one of these books will catch your interest.

Crook & Flail by Maria Isabel Pita
An exotic, searing and elegantly written tale of obsession, lust, intrigue, love, domination and submission. A beautiful young widow travels to Egypt to escape her loneliness after the death of the man she called her Master. There she meets a man who is fascinated by her sexually submissive and masochistic tastes and who tries to take her late husband’s place in her life. As he tries to capture her heart, she becomes convinced that the love of her life is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave.

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill
A highly acclaimed page turner from the Mistress of FemDom fiction, this book features a tough homicide detective who goes undercover as a male submissive to find a dominatrix who is murdering men. The dominatrix who becomes his ally in finding the killer also shatters his shields and makes him question who he really is and what he wants, a challenge more disturbing than any case he has ever worked on.

Coyote Hunger by Rhian Cahill
Savage love stories centered on a community of people who are part human, part coyote. They must learn to control their animal urges while remaining true to pack law and to their own wild nature. A trade paperback compilation of three novellas, all of which are available as standalone ebooks.

Death Row: The Trilogy by Jaid Black
From the Queen of Steam herself, USA Today bestselling author Jaid Black: Electrifying futuristic fantasies of strong, intelligent, and accomplished women forced by circumstances to give in to their darkest sexual fantasies with incredibly sexy alpha men. Jaid writes hot sex and love with wit and detail that make readers beg for more.

Spring Break by Kathy Kulig
An outwardly prim and proper professional woman decides to break out of her rut and try something wildly out of character: a trip to a sex club to explore her erotic side, which ends in a steamy ménage a trois.

The Courage to Love (Book 1 in the Brothers in Arms series) by Samantha Kane
Set in Civil War era America, this series revolves around soldiers who love each other and women. Kate Collier is still recovering from a vicious rape and trying to make a success of her dress shop when Jason Randal and Anthony Richards return to London from the Continent, intent on winning her. She’s known them for years, ever since they served with her late husband in the Peninsula against Napoleon. She’d been in love with them for almost that long. To discover they feel the same is a shock, but Kate isn’t ready to turn her life back over to a man, or men.

The books above are available in trade paperback and ebook at Amazon.