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- May 7th, 2012

If you’re thinking of getting an e-reader this year, you might want to consider this review by CNet. It’s one of the most extensive reviews of e-readers and tablets I have ever seen.

If you want the short version, here it is.

1. Decide what the heck you want to do. If all you want to do is read, then buy an e-reader. If you want a device that lets you read, play games, watch videos, read and send e-mails and so on, then buy a tablet.
2. It really comes down to a Kindle versus an iPad. But if you answer No. 1 correctly, you’ll have no problem figuring out point No. 2.

John Irving

- May 7th, 2012

John Irving has a new novel out called In One Person. Funny enough, my wife and I were talking about John Irving last week and I had remarked that he seemed to have just disappeared. We have several of his books at home. And then what do you know? She sends me a link to his new book.

Here’s the publisher’s description of the book:

A compelling novel of desire, secrecy, and sexual identity, In One Person is a story of unfulfilled love—tormented, funny, and affecting—and an impassioned embrace of our sexual differences. Billy, the bisexual narrator and main character of In One Person, tells the tragicomic story (lasting more than half a century) of his life as a “sexual suspect,” a phrase first used by John Irving in 1978 in his landmark novel of “terminal cases,” The World According to Garp.

His most political novel since The Cider House Rules and A Prayer for Owen Meany, John Irving’s In One Person is a poignant tribute to Billy’s friends and lovers—a theatrical cast of characters who defy category and convention. Not least, In One Person is an intimate and unforgettable portrait of the solitariness of a bisexual man who is dedicated to making himself “worthwhile.”


A visit to the bookstore

- May 7th, 2012

It’s something I like to do at least once a month — visit a bookstore. I made my way out to the South Keys Chapters. It took a lot of discipline not to buy several books.

First, there was Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters for $9. They also had his new novel Phantom in soft cover which was a very tempting buy. They also had a table of books, two for $25. I was again tempted to get Winters Bone by Daniel Woodrell and Shame the Devil by George Pelecanos. True, neither of them are new novels, but I liked the editions that were on sale and I haven’t read either of them.

I also keep looking at the 50th anniversary edition of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. It’s been out for awhile but I’d like to replace my worn paperback copy. I read it when I was in high school but I don’t think I really appreciated it. I randomly picked a couple of pages to read and it was great.

I did buy a couple of Kindle novels. I picked up a short story by Joseph Finder for 99 cents and the novel Drive for under $7. I loved the movie so I thought I would try the book.