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Arranging books

- June 22nd, 2012

One thing I do at bookstores that I can’t stop myself from doing is fixing the books on the shelves.

I was at the South Keys Chapters a few weeks ago and for some reason, there were some big gaps on quite a few shelves. The trick is to turn some books to face outwards as it takes up more space. I’m not sure if the employees were just having a bad week or if customers has been unusually messy. Let’s face it, lots of people grab a book, read the cover, and then put it in the wrong spot. Or they shove it back in and bend the cover. Terrible, people. Put stuff back in the condition you found it in.

I’ve also noticed that if you’re looking for a specific author, check the whole shelf and maybe the one below it or above it. Sometimes to the books are so out of order that I wonder if a monkey is stocking the shelves. At the Rideau Street location, my wife and I were looking for novels by Fitzgerald. We found a few and I thought it was a little disappointing that there were only a few copies of two different novels. Two shelves down were about 20 copies of novels and collections of short stories. What the heck?! How did that happen?

Organize your shelves properly, people.