Writing in the nude

- September 17th, 2012

Fun piece in The Guardian by Robert McCrum about writing in the nude. He’s not doing it himself. He’s just asking the question of whether it would help productivity.

I’ll admit that I like to go around in my underwear when I’m home. I just feel more relaxed, even I’m wearing shorts. Underwear is just that much lighter. I also clean the bathtub while in my underwear. A few years ago, a new rule was instituted in my home. Put on a bathrobe, put on pajamas or get dressed. No wearing underwear in the apartment. I feel it’s an unfair rule but I was out-voted by my wife and cat. I’m not sure how my cat got a vote in it.

As for writing in the nude, though, I just think it would be uncomfortable, especially if you were sitting on a leather desk chair on a muggy day. Just saying.

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  1. Charles says:

    Not to mention the risk of spilling hot coffee.

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