Reading block

- November 14th, 2012

You’ve all heard of writer’s block. But have you ever heard of reader’s block? I had it last week. I had several books on my Kindle but none were really grabbing my attention, which was a shame seeing how I paid for them.

I started Independence Day by Richard Ford. About 10% of the way through it. I also have William Styron’s Lie Down in Darkness. But I’m anticipating a tough read there. I also have a few other novels that I picked up for a decent price.

So for a few days, I struggled from book to book and then decided to buy another one – a mystery by Elizabeth George. It’s a great mystery, a classic British who-dunit, but it’s a great way to relive reader’s block. I think after I finish it I’m going to move on to the new Ian Rankin novel. I had a review copy earlier but last week I got the in-store product.

And between now and Christmas, I’m going to make a rare purchase of a hardcover novel. Will Self’s Umbrella is now available in Canada. It was published in the U.K. in late August and the release date in the U.S. is set for some time in January. But Canadian stores now have it. I was on Elgin Street and on impulse decided to stop in at Perfect Books to check out their new releases. And there it was. Maybe tonight will be a good night to get the book.

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