Blake Crouch a second time

- August 30th, 2012

Earlier today I blogged about how I was happy to see another full-length novel from Blake Crouch. It’s called Pines.

Although Blake has done a lot of other projects in the last couple of years, Run was also a full-length novel that he wrote alone. I e-mailed Blake this morning to ask if we could do an interview, which he graciously agreed to do. (I’ll make sure I post a link to the interview once it’s published).

But Blake also wanted to point out his novel Run, (which was a good read). I think when I blogged about it at the time I celebrated the fact that I got to read a Blake Crouch novel that was all his. I’m not suggesting the collaborations haven’t worked. But I discovered Blake’s writing with his first two novels and I look forward more to his standalone projects.

Here’s to Pines, the next book on my reading list!

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