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- January 29th, 2013

For my 2012 reading list, I was doing a month a day. But now that we are almost in February, I’m just going to present the rest of the list in one fell swoop.

Pines (Blake Crouch) September
Great author who deserves more recognition. A creepy novel with lots of plot twists about a man who wakes up one day in a strange town with no idea of how he got there.

Berlin Game (Len Deighton) September
The first in the nine-book series by this spy master. Basically, there are three trilogies. But you really need to read them in order to appreciate all the plot twists, the character development. Reading nine books about the same characters is not as easy as you think. You start dreaming of them and you almost think you’re going to bump into them on a street corner. Stories are smart.

A Wanted Man (Lee Child) September
The latest Jack Reacher mystery. Got me interested in re-reading some of the other novels which I did later in the month.

Pandora (Jilly Cooper) September
Sometimes you just need to read something over the top and entertaining. This fit the bill.

Mexico Set (Len Deighton) October

London Match (Len Deighton) October

Thick as Thieves (Peter Speigelman) October
Good novel. Reminds of the Parker movie, although that movie was based on a different book.

Spy Hook (Len Deighton) October

Spy Line (Len Deighton) October

Spy Sinker (Len Deighton) October

Faith (Len Deighton) October

Hope (Len Deighton) October

Charity (Len Deighton) October

The Marriage Bargain (Jennifer Probst)
There seemed to be some buzz about the book and it was $3.

Bruce (Peter Ames Carlin) November
I don’t read biographies very often but I had been at the Springsteen concert a few weeks earlier. If you’re a fan of the Boss, it’s very entertaining.

Total Recall (Philip K. Dick)
I was in the mood to read this one. It’s a short story.

Casino Royale (November)
I think I re-read this in anticipation of Skyfall. It’s the first, and perhaps the best, Bond novel in the series.

Well-Schooled in Murder (Elizabeth George)
Classic Brit mystery.

Die Trying (December) Lee Child

The Enemy (December) Lee Child

Gone Tomorrow (December) Lee Child

The Hard Way (December) Lee Child

Nothing to Lose (December) Lee Child

Without Fail (December) Lee Child

Worth Dying For (December) Lee Child

Kill Jill (December) John Locke
I got hooked on the Donovan Creed series, so anytime Locke comes out with a book, I give it a shot. I’ll be glad when the next Creed novel comes out.

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