- August 10th, 2012

I’ve blogged on this topic before, but some of the British newspapers have wonderful book sections on their websites. I’m often posting links to articles on The Guardian website and I have for you today.

Penguin Books is re-releasing Nick Horby’s Fever Pitch as a modern classic. So The Guardian is asking readers: what makes a classic?

It’s a very short post but there are lots of reader comments. I’ve noticed this before. Perhaps it’s a small group of readers who are always posting comments, I’m not sure. But the site is very active with reader interaction and it can fun to read.

I noticed the same thing on last week’s feature about Will Self. Lots of reader comments.

We get a lot of reader comments at the Sun, but it’s usually on the sports stories and top news stories. I don’t see too many comments on our stories in the books section.

But back to the topic. What makes a classic? Hornby is a good writer but is anything by him really a classic?

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