Elizabeth George

- May 8th, 2012

If you’re a fan of PD James (like I am), then you can’t go wrong reading Elizabeth George. Although some might say that if you’re a George fan, then perhaps you might like to read James.

But there is no doubt these two authors have very similar styles and are two of the best British mystery writers out there. What I like about both is that their novels have suspense, great plot twists and strong character development.

Last night I finished reading For The Sake of Elena, published in 1993. Thomas Lynley jumps at the chance to investigate a murder in Cambridge. A young student, the daughter of a prestigious professor, has been found beaten and strangled to death one early morning. As Lynley investigates, he discovers there were a few different sides to the young woman. Each person they interview gives them a different sense of the relationships she had with family and friends.

It’s a great read in the traditional British sense. And even better, there are quite a few Lynley mysteries for me to catch up on.

One of the other delightful discoveries (yes, I said delightful) is that there are some novels that focus more on Simon St. James and his wife Deborah, characters who share an equal billing with Lynley in the first novel I read.

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