Elizabeth George

- July 27th, 2012

I’ve only read three of Elizabeth George’s novels. I decided before I read any more I would start at the beginning. So I’m reading A Great Deliverance which was published in 1988.

At first it was confusing. I get that this is the novel where Barbara Havers and Thomas Lynley become partners. But early on, there’s a scene in which Deb and Simon are getting married. Wait a second. I thought they only got together in A Suitable Vengeance, a book published in 1991. Took me longer that it should have, but A Suitable Vengeance is a prequel. And it was the first novel I read. I’m not sure why there was a prequel that soon in the series. Not sure if I’ll encounter any more although I have about 14 more novels o read, not counting the collections of short stories.

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