Girls With White Dresses

- August 27th, 2012

Take a look at this book cover.


You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s light chick lit, and a lot of reviewers have called it that.

But this weekend, while my iPad was charging, I picked up this book from the pile of books sitting on the end table. When I first saw the cover, I thought, how did this get into our apartment? I read the back cover and didn’t really see an obvious answer. But the book was slim. The font looked east to read, so I figured what the heck. I’ll start it.

It’s actually a great read. It’s 17 connected stories of several young women entering adulthood. We follow them through their 20s, into marriages, divorces, parenthood and so on. (Yes, I know I’m not making a great argument that this isn’t chick lit). The writing was clean. The characters could have been any of your friends. They are people you know or have known. The fact that the driving characters were all women is what will lead others to believe that this is shallow chick lit. But when I finished the last page, all I could think of was how well written the book was and how much I enjoyed it. It’s just proof that sometimes you have to look beyond the cover.

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