Lee Child

- October 31st, 2011

I did it. After trying to save it, I finally jumped into the latest Lee Child Jack Reacher mystery. I’m not that far in but it’s turning into another great read. I was concerned that it might not be the Reacher I’ve come to enjoy because it’s set in 1997, the last year that Reacher is with the military.

He’s off to a small town in Mississippi to work behind the scenes in solving the case of a murdered woman. Why does the military brass care? Because the son of a senator is a soldier with the military base that borders the city. The last thing the brass wants is a scandal on their hands. So Reacher is there to get a head start, although it’s unclear if he’s to provide damage control.

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  1. Hal Prik says:

    I just finished The Affair on my Ipad and it was a gem. Great ending as always. Now i have to wait until the next one.

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