Len Deighton

- October 19th, 2012

Seven books down, two to go.

Last night I finished Faith, the first novel in the third triology of the Bernard Samson series by Len Deighton.

I’ve enjoyed all the novels. The dialogue is very sharp and the plot twists surprising. And yet at the same time, Deighton’s depiction of the spy world and the British who run it, is very understated. There’s lots of paranoia and there is a roughness to everything. But it’s not an action novel. There are no crazy, unbelievable shootouts, no car chases, no gadgets and gimmicks. Just good story telling. Deighton is very good at creating mood.

The core group of characters have been there since Book 1. I don’t know if I have a favourite book. All are strong. And surprisingly, I haven’t tired of the characters. If there is one little nagging issue, it’s with the treatment of the main character. Although Bernard Samson is tough, resilient and the good guy, there are also times when I think, this poor bastard, when is Deighton going to give him a break. It’s not that everything is going wrong for Bernard. But I think people want to see a bigger payoff for the character.

When researching the series, there was a hint that fans get what they want in the final book. I should find out some time next week.

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