Martin Amis

- August 22nd, 2012

I blogged a week ago that this fall was shaping up with some great book releases. And that I was going to wait until Christmas before buying any of the books.

1) I have about a dozen books (e-edition and print) that can keep me occupied until Christmas. 2) I’m trying to save money.

But I couldn’t wait to get Martin Amis’ latest — Lionel Asbo. I bought it the day before it was even released. Turned on the iPad yesterday and it was automatically delivered.

It has a great opening. (The typos are as they appear in the novel and are there for a reason).

“Dear Jennaveieve,

I’m having an affair with an older woman. She’s a lady of sophistication, and makes a refreshing change from the teen agers I know (like Alektra for example, or Chanel.) The sex is fantastic and I think I’m in love. But ther’es one very serious complication and i’ts this; shes’ my Gran!”

So tell me, how could you not want to read what happens next?

Sometimes at work, a few books will arrive on the same day and I’ll read the opening paragraph of each novel and decide if it’s worth reading.

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