Richard Russo

- June 27th, 2012

Interesting article in The Telegraph about Richard Russo and his decision to not publish his latest book in e-book format.

Russo says e-books threaten bookstores which in turn threaten authors. Well, that’s one opinion. Without a doubt, e-books do threaten bookstores. But I’m not sure if they threaten authors. Ask a guy like John Locke what bookstores have ever done for him. Locke, the author of the popular Donovan Creed series, made a ton of money selling his novels for 99 cents as e-books. Fifty Shades of Grey can now be found in bookstores because of the success the series had online. Not everyone is going to have that sort of success.

On the other hand, it is easier to browse for a book in a store than it is to browse for a book online. On my iPad, I’ve left one of my Safari tabs up with Amazon loaded on it. Each night I pick up where I left off and start browsing. I’ve now looked at almost 5,000 books. But I’m looking at them in order of popularity and not author name or genre. I couldn’t have looked at the same number of books in a bookstore. But in a bookstore, I could have jumped ahead, moved from fiction to mysteries more easily.

I hate to use a cliche but only time will tell what e-books do to bookstores and the careers of authors.

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