The iPad mini

- October 24th, 2012

A couple of thoughts about the new iPad mini:

1. Price: The base price is $329. Why would you pay that much for a mini when you could spend $499 for a full-size iPad? Is there enough of a cost savings to go with the mini?

2. How will it compete against e-readers? I’ve blogged often about how people need to step back and think about what they plan to do with the device. I have an iPad and a Kindle. The thing I do the most on the iPad is read. Partly because my wife is using the the Kindle and switching back and forth between machines is not easy if you’re not reading in the cloud. But in hindsight, I didn’t really need to get an iPad. I don’t regret the purchase but I don’t think I would be poorer without one. The Kindle suited my needs for an e-reading device. Now, the iPad mini is just a little bigger than a Kindle and it’s just as thin and as light. But it’s $329 versus well under $200 for the Kindle depending on what device you get.

What type of reading do you do? I like to read Macleans on my iPad. Looks great. But I wouldn’t want to read it on a smaller magazine. I’ve read several other magazines on the iPad and they all need that bigger screen size.

If you are looking for strictly an e-reader this fall or for Christmas, the iPad mini is probably overkill.

But if someone wanted to give me one, I’d take it.

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  1. Mr. Bawkbagawk says:

    books, keepin it real.

  2. Greg Gazin says:

    For someone who wants more than just an e-reader and size matter, ie: small, then the mini is the way to go. Apple has never been a price leader, but look what you get for $329. I think the ladies especially, will love it! I’m sure it’ll be a popular stocking stuff this holiday season.

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