The shortest chapter

- September 10th, 2012

When I get a new book at the office, I’ll sometimes read the first chapter to decide if I want to take it home. Some first chapters are quicker to read than others.

Don Winslow, who has written a prequel to Savages called The Kings of Cool, has one of the shortest first chapters I’ve ever read. Are you ready for it?

“Fuck me.”

That’s it. Two words. Time to turn the page already. Which I did in order to read a bit more. I’m not 100 percent convinced that I should pick up a copy of the book. I liked Savages, but I didn’t love it. I’m going to do some research. I’m curious as to when the idea for The Kings of Cool happened. Was it before or after the movie deal? And for those people who have read Savages, you know why it’s a prequel and not a sequel. For those of you who only went to the movie, well, you’re probably scratching your heads to figure it out.


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