Tom Wolfe, Will Self and Lee Child

- August 13th, 2012

Tom Wolfe, Lee Child and Will Self. What do these three authors have in common? Very little as far as I know.

But they all have books coming out soon and I plan on buying them.

Child’s latest Jack Reacher mystery — A Wanted Man — has been available for pre-order for weeks. It comes out in September and it’s one of the few e-books that I’m willing to pay $20 for.

Then Will Self come out with Umbrella. The U.S. publication date isn’t until January but I might order a copy of the UK Amazon site which releases the book this week. I definitely want a hard copy of that novel as well as Wolfe’s Back to Blood.

You might think since I blog about e-books and my Kindle so much that I would be buying the slightly cheaper e-editions of these books. But there are just some novels that I want to print version on my shelves.

With Lee Child, it’s not that he doesn’t deserve to be there, but I started to read him on the Kindle and I have every one. So I want to stay in that format. I have 10 of Will Self’s novels in my house.

I bought my first Will Self novel about a month after I met my wife. I was in Florida for a job interview and I had some time to kill. I went into one of these mega bookstores and the cover of Great Apes caught my eye.

I bought two books that day, one for me and one for my wife. The book I bought for her turned out to be one of the worst books she has ever read (Breakfast in Babylon). Funnily enough, we were talking this weekend about some of the early books we bought each other. The first book she bought me wasn’t that great either. No hard feelings then or now. It just struck as odd because we are so good at buying books for each other now and at recommending books to read based on what we’ve read.


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