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- April 24th, 2012

We don’t get as many books at the office as we use to. Publishers realize that Sun Media, like other media companies, share resources. So if your main book reviewer is in Toronto, why send books to the guy in Ottawa? Well, in case there are any publishers out there reading this, here are two reasons.

1. I blog about the books I get even if I don’t have time to review them.
2. Sometimes I do reviews or interview authors and we put them online and in the blog.

Today, seven books came in from Vintage Canada. Interestingly enough, two copies of PD James Death Comes to Pemberley were delivered in the same box. I’ll really be in trouble if I bring home both copies.

The timing is great. I finished reading Ian Rankin’s The Black Book on Sunday and didn’t really start anything yesterday. I looked at a few things and I’m down to my last three or four books, a far cry from the 30 I had at Christmas. And earlier today, I was checking the prices of Elizabeth George novels. So these books arrived just in time. I think I’ll tackle The Black Tower by James first.

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