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Halloween adieus: Eric Stach & Aaron McMillian

- October 31st, 2014

Eric Stach Londoner

Eric Stach wailing at Studio 105 (presumably) with what looks to be a Catherine Morrisey masterpiece in the background … courtesy of londoner.ca … but JBNBlog would love to add the photographer credit

Indie underground poster last show

Poster for the last Indie Underground show at Call the Office (Oct. 29, 2014) . . . courtesy of facebook.com/IndieUG

This Halloween, JBNBlog has mixed emotions as he salutes two long-running #ldnont music events bidding adieu . . . free music icon & sax hero Eric Stach says 2nite (Friday, Oct. 31, 2014) session at Studio 105 (105 Clarence St. in SoHo) will be his last public performance in #ldnont. Eric has been playing here for decades & the Friday night sessions have been a great drop-in attractions in recent years.

Meanwhile, DJ Aaron McMillan has said Wednesday night’s Indie Underground was the last at Call the Office . . .  in both cases, whatever regrets felt here about inspiring #ldnont things coming to an end is overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude to Aaron & Eric for being leaders & heroes & creating a space & place for art & fun. Thank you both.

Best wishes … & hope to see you all at Studio 105 for sonic treats 2nite.

Here’s some of what Aaron has on Facebook:

Dearest Friends,

It’s with great sadness that I have to announce that last night’s Indie Underground (October 29th) was the last at Call The Office.

Indie Underground started on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 and since its inception there’s been over 100+ nights over the 2+ years that people have sought out and found refuge in the indie / alternative dance music and activities that have always been associated with the night. From retro video gaming, jenga, video projections, live liquid light overhead projections and beyond. Besides the standard Wednesday nights, there have been some very special / memorable events, from as recent as last night’s CHRW 33rd Anniversary party to this past New Years Eve Party, The Devil’s Night Costume Party, The Red Party Valentines Day London Food Bank Fundraiser, St. Patricks Day and a handful of weekend and patio parties that were always incredible! There were also a short number of “Indie Underground Presents” nights where I was able to bring in Local and out of town bands / talent to play before I DJ’ed.

First and foremost, I need to thank all the regulars who have supported the event every week for the last two years. It’s because of you that this night has lasted as long as it has. Each and every one of you are special to London’s Indie / Alternative Scene. Please, If we aren’t already friends are Facebook yet, add me.

I want thank the Wednesday night bar staff (Matty) and security (Nav and Sean “Killer” O’May) for sticking with me and supporting me from the start. I will truly miss our Wednesday nights together.

. . . .  (as for the future) . . . .

I am open to Hosting / DJing / Scene Building at other venues / special events it the future if there is a good fit. If you’re sad and really want me to DJ a a regular basis, don’t lose hope, as it could happen, it would just need to be 1) Monthly, 2) On a weekend and 3) At a venue that would work with me to grow the night. If there is a venue / pop-up venue or bar that you think would be a good fit, let’s talk.

In the meantime, there’s still a way to get your new indie / alternative music fix, and that’s by visiting www.IndieUnderground.ca, daily. Almost every song that I have played over the last 2+ years has been blogged about on that site, plus so many more!

Indie Underground at Call The Office really was a labour of love, true grit and determination (especially with waking up and being at work every Thursday morning at 8:30am). Thanks to many of you who also stayed up late and went to work / school early the next day!

Again, thank you for everything!
Your friend, Aaron McMillan


Guess who is this star rawkin London in 1972

- October 30th, 2014

Sam McLeod Gardens X 20 1972


A classic LFP image from Oct. 17, 1972 . . .  believe ace former colleague Sam McLeod was on the shutter that night

The Bruins’ jersey being sported on the October 1972 night at the old Gardens is apparently a salute to wondrous No. 4 . . . a Bobby Orr replica jersey. But can you guess who is the singer with the pretty classy hair & beard?

The celeb judges are waiting with the usual prizes. Here’s a hint: This rocker played #ldnont in 2014.



Ric Wellwood shares poem on Bernard Hopkins

- October 30th, 2014

Among the many who are missing the late London actor & theatre icon Bernard Hopkins is Richard “Ric” Wellwood, good friend to London arts & JBNBlog . . . Ric has beautiful words to share & it’s an honour to do so here.

My Dear Boy…

Words spoken by a man who went from Liverpool to drama school

And then to Canada to eventually play Bedford’s Fool.

Bernard was of great stature on the stage, but no Romeo,

He was content to play a fun-filled Dromio.

With more than a quarter-century on Stratford stage,

He rose in stature to turn a new page

As a director and teacher from London’s Grand

To Banff’s school of Fine Arts

As a man of many parts.

The best of all was a flood of love and trust

He drew from audiences and friends just

To show that his strengths were not a part

Of his body’s tried and failing heart.

Hopkins has left his mark on the careers

Of Canada’s community of theatre peers

Who are all so sad that they are beyond tears.

His memory will be valued in many coming years.


Ric Wellwood

October 2014


Remembering John Andrew Reaney (1954-1966)

- October 30th, 2014



John Andrew Reaney c


A detail from the beautiful c. 1962 photograph by the late Michel Lambeth when my late brother John Andrew Reaney, left, & my    nine or 10-year-oldish self posed in the sailor suits our mother had chosen for the occasion . . . taken with trssty BlackBerry

John Andrew Reaney headstone (2)


A detail from John Andrew’s gravestone designed by the late Jack Chambers . . . taken with trusty BlackBerry at Mount Pleasant cemetery

Today is a day I join my sister Susan in Vancouver as we remember our brother John Andrew  & our parents  Colleen & Jamie . . . & celebrate their lives & our beloveds (mine in London &v Toronto) . . . & our many friends & extended family.



DC5 in #ldnont memories, IDs sought

- October 29th, 2014

Dave Clark Five on stage


The Dave Clark Five on stage at the old Treasure Island Gardens, c. Nov. 3, 1964, copy of an LFP photograph purchased from the paper by a private collector back in the 1970s.

JBNBlog was too young (ie. 11, but almost 12) at the time to be allowed to go to either of the two epic DC5 concerts in #ldnont c. Nov. 3, 1964. This didn’t keep him from luvin the DC5 past all reason, the & now . . . but the absence of first-hand memories means that it’s time to seek memories of those who were there.

The London bands on the bill were (apparently) Johnny Stevens & The Canadians, The Fortune Tellers & The Undertakers …. any musicians or fans who want to share, pls. get in touch in time for a My London column on the 50th anniversary of this classic moment in #ldnont A&E. Doug Varty remembers a light went on in Dave Clark’s bass drum (0r something like that).

Meanwhile, for a little DC5 contest, pls. ID the fab Five left to right in the LFP photograph here. The celeb judges are ready & the usual prizes are waiting.