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#ldnont history mystery: Who was Canada’s flag-bearer at the 1948 Olympics?

- July 31st, 2012

Good friend to London in many capacities  & chair of the London Sports Hall of Fame committee chair Tom Dalby knows the answer to this one because he reminded me about this outstanding Londoner.

“With all that has been written and said about the ’48 Games in the past couple of weeks, I haven’t heard reference to ——  and (her/his) role at those Games,” Tom e-mailed today. Good point. Let’s fix that.

So for the usual JBNBlog prizes, who carried Canada’s flag at the 1948 London Olympics?

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  1. Kristin Zazzarino says:

    My Grandfather, Dr. Robert McFarlane….. how we miss him dearly!

  2. james.reaney says:

    Thanks, Kristin . . . the JBNBlog celebrity judges are honoured to have a family member participate. As you no doubt know, there are many who miss Dr. Robert McFarlane in so many aspects of life.

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