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Are these 1965 “landscape panels by Jack Chambers?”

- December 17th, 2012

sun & moon theatre longshot

Undated, undocumented stage piece likely from a Summer Theatre production in the 1960s.

sun & moon theatre set detail

Detail from an undated, undocumented stage piece likely from a Summer Theatre production in the 1960s.

Here is a tantalizing indication the piece of stage construction recently offered to a good home may be the work of Jack Chambers. May be.   (JBNBlog will be happy to help that happen. Apply here if you are interested).

The key phrase is: landscaPe Panels
jack chambers

Is the image here one of the landscape panels? Perhaps one of the case members might know.

The words that follow are gleaned from a Summer Theatre 65 program for my dad’s The Sun & The Moon. 



landscaPe Panels
jack chambers
(Now for some cast details about The Sun & The Moon, characters are listed first, then the actors)

a tramp
andrew kingbird
frank fall
rev. francis kingbird
rev. felix conybeare
samuel moody
mrs charlotte shade
susan kingbird
mrs edna moody
ellen moody
mrc fall

john blacklock
peter maclean
john boyle
kenneth lemaire
peter hinchcliffe
martin kinch
peter magee
george buckley
bruce woodruff
robin dearing
judith skoby
angela armitt
jane elford
jean mayo
-Members of the Millbank Women’s Institute:

mrs irving-jill ferns: mrr vergHllen richardson:
mrs mcaddams-jean mayo: mrs tufts-carolyn hill:
mrs mabel walton nee tufts-mary lou gillespie:
amelia tufts-hannah
Sccne: the minister’s house in a Perth county village about 1935
There will be two intermissions of approximately ten minuter each*

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