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In search of The Crown Imperials #ldnont rawkers c. 1962: Who & where are these guys?

- November 1st, 2012

crown imperials buddy holly lp

Cover of what everybody who knows about it says is a classic LP: Courtesy of popsike.com 

Still more from JBNBlog’s interview with Dave Clarke . . . among the #ldnont groups & albums Dave mentioned was The Buddy Holly Sound (Arc) by The Crown Imperials.

Here is the lineup as available online (& from my recollection of the album notes): Ken Gough (electric guitar), Eric Jensen (bass), Dave Lewis (drums), Mike Weichel (vocals, piano). Anybody know who they are? Where they are? What stories are there to tell?

The date on the album is pretty much a guess by me . . . it would be about the same time as the Larry Lee & The Leesures album on Arc, which is a gem. Ken Palmer is the one who alerted Dave Clarke to this hitherto forgotten classic from the #ldnont rock and roll treasure chest.

Any help in tracking down the majestically named Crown Imperials (band not limo) gratefully received.


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