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Violent games don’t cause aggression, frustrating controls do

- April 9th, 2014

A new Oxford study has proven what gamers have always known — violent games don’t make people aggressive; hard-to-play ones do.

Published in the  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the study found “games that were too difficult or where players had trouble mastering controls that were too complicated were the most likely to leave players feeling aggressive afterwards.” Whether the games were violent  made no difference.

A.K.A. nobody ever screamed and threw their Xbox controller across the room because they got desensitized to violence and wanted to try some out.

Co-author Richard M. Ryan, from the University of Rochester, explains:

The study is not saying that violent content doesn’t affect gamers, but our research suggests that people are not drawn to playing violent games in order to feel aggressive. Rather, the aggression stems from feeling not in control or incompetent while playing. If the structure of a game or the design of the controls thwarts enjoyment, it is this, not the violent content, that seems to drive feelings of aggression.

Man proposes with Skyrim’s Amulet of Mara

- April 7th, 2014


Nerd love is my favourite kind of love.

Redditor Sarah Briody introduced her beau to Skyrim, who then used it to level up their relationship. He recently popped the question by placing the Amulet of Mara — the in-game item required to marry your character — around her neck.

“He gave me the amulet and while I recognized what it was — it didn’t really click as to WHAT it was,” Briody said. “I put it on and he started to smile from ear to ear. Then he said: ‘Is that an Amulet of Mara? I’m surprised someone like you isn’t spoken for.’”

“Then it finally registered that he was proposing! He got down on one knee and slipped the ring on my finger.”

Let their marriage be as engrossing and beautiful as Skyrim itself, and let any glitches along the way be patched up with minimal damage to their journey.

h/t Gamespot



Video game livechat with Steve Tilley

- March 27th, 2013

Got something on your mind, gamers? Why not chat with Button Masher Steve Tilley about it.

Ask him about the latest games and consoles, the rise indie games, women in the gaming industry, or whatever else is on your mind at our live video game chat at 2.p.m. ET. today. Trust me, this dude knows his stuff.

Or, be a lurker watch along below: