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20 things you might not know about PlayStation 4

- November 13th, 2013


Greatness awaits. And that wait is nearly over.

Following many months of hype, buzz and unfettered curiosity, the PlayStation 4 finally goes on sale Friday across North America. As the successor to Sony’s 80 million-selling PlayStation 3, and with a glitzy marketing campaign pinned to the “greatness awaits” slogan, expectations for the PS4 are very high indeed.

While there’s been lots of talk about the hardware specs and the game lineup and the fierce battle that will be waged between Sony’s new dream machine and Microsoft’s Xbox One, there are still some PS4 perks, tweaks and features that haven’t yet been revealed.

All that will change in a couple of days when the PS4 lands in the outstretched arms of millions of clamouring gamers, but here’s a head-start cheat sheet of 20 things you might not know about the newest member of the PlayStation family.

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What’s inside the giant Xbox One?

- October 30th, 2013

The world’s biggest Xbox One. This is NOT going to fit in my living room.

Might as well get the obvious gag out of the way first: “Hey look, it’s an exact 1:1 replica of an Xbox One!” There. Feel better?

A giant Xbox One has landed in Vancouver, kicking off the Canada-exclusive One Source program, which will see the 40-foot by nine-foot (12-metre by three-metre) behemoth pop up in other yet-to-be-revealed Canadian cities between now and the Xbox One’s Nov. 22 launch.

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Rethinking Zelda with Miyamoto

- June 18th, 2013

Link’s next starring role in The Legend of Zelda: Worst Cut and Paste Ever.

Skyrim, meet Hyrule. Hyrule, this is Skyrim.

Maybe it won’t exactly be a marriage of these two very different video game worlds. But to hear legendary Nintendo game designer and visionary Shigeru Miyamoto tell it, the upcoming Legend of Zelda adventure for the Wii U could see our evergreen hero Link exploring a land that’s much more open and free than anything he’s seen before.

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