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‘Sectacular Quebec!’ spoofs controversial charter

- December 16th, 2013



A new satirical mobile game takes aim at Quebec’s widely condemned secularism charter.

In Sectacular Quebec!  you’re in a race to against the clock to complete visual/trivia challenges connected to the proposed legislation.

Here’s a bit of the description from the creators:

Welcome to Quebec – it’s SECTACULAR! If you haven’t been to the ‘Belle Province’ in some time, then this field test will help you acclimate to the new rules for value, equality, acceptance and inclusion. Do you have what it takes to sort out what is permitted from what is banned?

This cheeky title is made by Toronto’s Extra! Extra! Games  — the people behind the Rob Ford-inspired Stay Mayor, and a game based on Toronto’s IKEA Monkey.


Extra! Extra! describes itself company that specializes in “Gaming the NEWS” with a tasty but heart-felt comedic twist.”

However, the game is so loose with the facts that it’s debatable whether the satire hits the mark or takes a sledgehammer to it.

What the creators seem to be unaware of (or ignoring) is that the charter, which would ban public employees from wearing conspicuous religious symbols in the workplace, is not the law.  It has yet to be put to a vote in Quebec’s National Assembly.

Since the Parti Quebecois has a minority, Bill 60 will need opposition support to pass, and if it does, it seems likely the charter will face a court challenge.


Regardless of the status of the legislation, the game is a sharp criticism of the political/cultural climate in Quebec. It’s the only place in Canada where any politician would dare to attempt to turn back the clock on inclusion and multiculturalism in the name of some deeply misguided notion of “neutrality” in the workplace.

It’s actually kind of touching how Canadian leaders from across the political spectrum have come out against the charter.

Oh wait! This is a blog about video games. Right, then.

I can’t get past the stage where you have to hit the Star of David five times. Sound off in the comments if you can progress further.

EDIT: Whoops, that’s because I got tripped up in the sneaky instructions!

Sectacular Quebec! is available for Android and iPhone.

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