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Square mobile payment system gets invoicing

- July 18th, 2014

 Square invoices

Strolling through Old Strathcona last Saturday during Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue Art Walk 2014 I noticed something different this year.  More vendors were accepting payment by credit card – VISA, MasterCard, American Express – many through the magic of this micro-payment system called Square. It’s changed the way small businesses do their transactions. And now here in Canada, they’ve taken it one step farther with the introduction of invoices allowing complete secure payment transactions when not dealing face-to-face.

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Win a Griffin Merchant Case + Square Reader for iPhone 5/5s

- May 6th, 2014


If you’re keen on accepting credit cards for your business, garage sale or what have you and use an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, accessory maker Griffin Technology and mobile payment company Square have teamed up to offer a protective case and Square Reader in one nice little low-cost bundle.

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Quick Hit: Epson WorkForce Wide-Format All-In-One

- May 21st, 2012



Sometimes you need to print or scan a document and 8.5″x 14″- legal size just doesn’t cut it, especially when you need something much bigger. Enter the EPSON WorkForce WF-7520 Wide-Format All-In-One.  It will allow you to scan a document of up to 11″ x 17″. As well, it accommodates media up to 13″ wide and up to 13″ x 19″, automatically, double-sided on a single sheet of paper.

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How to save space when upgrading your PC using the Dell Vostro 360 AIO

- November 30th, 2011

There’s nothing more frustrating at work than an old PC. When it’s time to upgrade it can be confusing about what needs upgrading and what doesn’t. Adding a new PC to an old monitor or swapping out some of the hardware can be a real pain. The Dell Vostro 360 All-in-One offers a painless upgrade, and it even gives you more desk space! Check out our video review:

The all-in-one is just like it sounds. Out of the box you’ll find three pieces: the computer with a built in monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse. There’s only one cable to plug in, and that’s power – so if you’ve got wireless Internet already, you’ve just put a whole lot of clutter behind you. 

The Vostro 360 All-in-One isn’t a slouch in the performance department either. It’s packing a second generation Intel Core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and half a terabyte of hard drive with space for thousands of movies, pictures, songs, and documents. The 23” touchscreen is powered by high definition NVIDIA graphics (there are only 4 fixed configs available and only one configs has NVIDIA graphics, the rest are integrated but the screen is High Def regardless whether it’s the multi-touch or non-touch) and comes with an HD camera and microphone built-in.

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Kudos Introduces New Credit Card Acceptance App for Smartphones

- November 29th, 2011

With applications like Google Wallet starting to cause a stir, our smartphones are becoming the source of everything we do. We socialize, do business and create with a device in the palm of our hands. So, is it really such a stretch to believe that our phones can accept credit payments?

If you run a small business dealing primarily onsite and with deliveries, a portable credit terminal can be costly. But with Kudos’ new Credit Card Acceptance Kit, it is a lot more feasible for any small business. The device costs $99, with no additional sign up or hidden annual fees attached. You are charged per transaction (2.7% of the total transaction) so even if you use it a little or a lot, you are not paying for more than you use.

The app for the terminal is free, available through your phone’s app store. Currently you’re only able to link one phone to one account, but they claim to be in the process of fixing that issue in a future update. The terminal plugs into your headphone jack, meaning you don’t need to fumble with adapters, or deal with model numbers. 

The device is simple and easy to use. This allows small businesses to offer more payment options to their customers, opening up a new range of clientele. Seeing as you only have to pay for the device, and the individual usages, this device will definitely make an impact on business.