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Greg Gazin

Greg Gazin, Gadget Guy

For over 2 1/2 decades, Greg Gazin has been a Tech Columnist and self-professed serial entrepreneur. He’s also a small business and technology speaker, an avid blogger and podcaster.

Gadget Greg is also known as The Gadget Guy. Greg helps consumers demystify technology in an often informative yet entertaining way. He shows how it can be useful, practical and even fun.

He’s penned over 3,000 articles and is extremely proud to be in his 16th year providing content for CANOE.

Greg Gazin is the real Gadget Guy and all around “GoTo” guy. Like Linus and his blanket, Greg is rarely seen in public without his Apple MacBook Pro, iPad, multiple iPhones and  a suitcase of gadgets, which he is always happy and ready to talk with you about.

Greg is also a long-time Toastmaster. In fact in 2009 Greg was recognized with a Presidential Citation from Toastmasters International for his innovative use of technology to help benefit the greater Toastmasters community.

You can also find him on LinkedIn , or on Twitter as @gadgetgreg

Greg lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.