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Lost one too many Apple TV remotes?

- November 22nd, 2013
SlickWraps Apple Remote Orange

Apple TV Remote with Slickwraps skin, in the dark

Where’s the remote? This is a cry often heard in my household. It’s usually followed by, “which one,” a ritual that occurs on a regular basis, most often on a Friday or Saturday night. After fiddling and fumbling, looking under the couch between the cushions or maybe under the newspaper, the missing remote is usually found along with another you weren’t looking for, yet. However sometimes, like in the case of the pocket-size Apple remote, it may be destined to never be found.

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iTunes Music Festival London 2013 kicks off September 1

- August 27th, 2013

iTunesFestival 30 days

For many, September means back-to-school, but for music lovers worldwide you’ll be excited to know that next month is also iTunes Festival month. It’s back for a 7th year, kicking off day one on September 1st, with Lady Gaga and wrapping up 30 days later with Katy Perry.

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Apple’s iTV to cost $2,500 and be controlled by a ring?

- April 4th, 2013
Apple TV

Apple TV digital media receiver connected to a television. Not the Apple iTV. (Supplied)

So there has been rumours about the iTV for quite some time.  The device is supposed to be a game changer when it comes to watching television or some such thing. But I haven’t been too excited about it.

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Apple Sauces up Apple TV with new upgrades

- March 13th, 2012

Apple has taken the online video market to the next level with their upgrade to Apple TV, their digital media receiver. The new Apple TV now offers 1080p, compared to its predecessors’ 720p. The new icon-based interface gives you quick and easy access to your favourite downloads, music and purchased movies. 

Apple TV allows for limitless entertainment right at your fingertips, letting you play your favourite HD movies and TV shows from your iTunes onto your HDTV. It’s incredibly small and compact, spanning 23mm x 98mm (just a little bit larger than a hockey puck), and weighs just 276g. The device is energy efficient (uses less power than a night light), and is compatible with most popular models of high definition televisions with HDMI. The system only requires an internet connection and HDMI cable to get started. 

The inclusion of the infrared Apple Remote makes easy to access your favourite entertainment. With Airplay, Apple TV allows for wireless streaming of movies, shows and other content from your iTouch, iPhone or iPad to play on your wide-screen TV. 

You can pre-order your new Apple TV now from, and it will be available at Apple retail stores starting March 16th at a cost of $109.00. 

Apple event reveals truly resolutionary new iPad

- March 8th, 2012


Today’s Apple event went off without a hitch and as expected Apple unveiled a new 3rd generation iPad; they’ve also updated Apple TV as well as a number of their flagship applications like iPhoto, GarageBand and iWork suite.

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