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Storify storifies its acquisition by Livefyre

- September 9th, 2013

Storify has been acquired by Livefyre and it chose a rather unique way to announce the purchase.

Storify is a social media curation site which allows users to cull posts, such places as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a given event and turn them into timelines or stories. (In other words, you use the service to storify tweets and Facebook status updates.)

Livefyre is a business-oriented site which claims to help “companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising.”
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HTC offers the One true phone

- April 19th, 2013

HTC One. (Supplied)

HTC needs a more creative marketing department. I understand the company wants to make it sound like its new phone, the HTC One, is the only you’ll ever need. But that philosophy doesn’t really work when it has already released a One X, a One S, the One X+ and so on. And, ultimately, in another year or so HTC will have another phone, it will want you to buy. It makes you wonder if the company can come up with different names.

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When Zuckerberg grills everyone listens

- August 20th, 2012

iGrill Pro App - iPhone

With the price of Facebook shares dropping to about 50% of their issue price, Mark Zuckerberg and company is likely no longer the darling of Wall Street but regardless, people are certainly still willing not only to hear what he has to say, but also about what’s on his barbecue.

On Sunday, Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook account that he was updating his grilling app iGrill and that caused the servers at iDevices, makers of the gadget, to literally get smoked.


iGrill is a nifty little device with a probe attachment, compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, that allows you to monitor the temperature of what’s cooking on your barbecue. Its accompanying app allows you to monitor the iGrill thermometer from up to 200 feet away via long-range Bluetooth.

iGrill Photo

According to Chris Allen, CEO, iDevices, the company had quietly rolled out Facebook integration so that you could share with your friends and let them see what you’re grilling right now. They were not planning a major media blitz and figured that the new feature would slowly gain traction.

But of course, Zuckerberg changed all that. They had no idea what he had done nor did they realize that the impact would be so huge it would overload their servers and shut down their site for two hours.

“We were caught totally off guard by Mark Zuckerberg’s post and the immediate influx of traffic,” said Allen.

Allen realized that a quick add-on of servers and bandwidth was needed immediately. Interestingly enough, while excited about what had transpired, Allen quickly dispelled the rumor that iGrill or iDevices had received any actual investment from Zuckerberg, although he would of course welcome the opportunity to work with him. So there’s nothing cooking there yet.

Striking while the coals are still hot, for a limited time, iGrill is offering free domestic shipping (up to $12) when using the code ZUCK during the checkout from  We still need to confirm this for Canada.

It’s also available online through the Apple Store in Canada for $79.95 CDN, with free shipping included, automatically. The free app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

photos courtesy: iDevices, Facebook


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