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This Chinese robot will extract your sperm and you will like it, dammit!

- June 26th, 2014

Time for hospitals and clinic to throw away the nudie mags and specimen cups – as sperm donation is going high-tech.

As reports, a hospital in Nanjing, China will now be using an “automatic sperm extractor” to get the user’s seed for in vitro fertilization. As you can see in the relatively safe-for-work video below, the machine collects the sperm via a thrusting motion – in what can probably be best described as a handjob. (Or perhaps a tube job as it is technically a tube.)

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CES 2014: Scanadu Scout world’s first Medical Tricorder is The Real McCoy

- January 10th, 2014



When you hear the word Tricorder, there’s only one thing that comes to mind – Star Trek. The beeping sounds are accompanied by a visual of Dr. Leonard McCoy, aka “Bones” hovering over a patient with what looks like a school kid’s grade 5 electronics project.

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Withings web-connected scale automatically tracks your weight

- November 21st, 2012


Whether you are a male or a female, if you came back from the mall with a bathroom scale under your arm, it very possible that all h*** might break loose in the family household. But in a modern tech savvy family, a wireless hassle-free health-tracking device might just be a bit more welcomed.

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