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8 gadgets and techie tools for your summer trip

- August 9th, 2014

While there’s no shortage of gadgets and techie things we can take on a summer trip, there’s always a shortage of space – whether it’s room in one’s backpack, suitcase, trunk of the car or your smartphone’s memory.  Nevertheless, here’s an eclectic mix of eight things that may come in handy and you might want to consider taking along for the ride to ensure smooth sailing this summer.

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Apps you need for Canada Day, eh?

- June 29th, 2012

Official Canada PurpleForge

Every July 1st folks across Canada show their Canuck patriotism by adorning their best red and whites while waving, wearing proudly and even tattooing the Maple Leaf, symbol of the Great White North on various parts of their bodies. So if you’re going that far, why not take along your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch or all of the above because for Canada Day, there are lots of apps for that!

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Valentine’s Day apps help you feel the love

- February 14th, 2011

Puzzle 2

Looking for just the right gift for Valentine’s Day? There are Apps that can help you do that. Some can offer great ideas while others can help you buy. Some are just for fun and others exist to challenge your mind. Some offer guidance to help you find the right words and others in their own special way simply say, “I Love You”. While there are just too many to mention, here are just a couple of the many apps available for this special day.

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Don’t forget Mac productivity software

- December 23rd, 2010


Everyday, we hear about apps, apps and apps. There are now over 300,000 of them. Now don’t get me wrong, apps are great, there are some awesome ones out there, but don’t forget the traditional software applications that many of use everyday that can also make great gifts to download or to sneak under the tree.

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