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Apple To Reveal iPad 3 on March 7

- March 6th, 2012

What was the best-selling tablet in Canada last week? Surprisingly, it was the BlackBerry Playbook, thanks to deep discounts and a new OS. That probably won’t last long, as the next generation of the iPad, will soon be available.

The iPad 2 came out just a year ago, so there won’t be significant upgrades in the iPad 3 – Think of it as an update, just like the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4. Apple will debut the device tomorrow, here are my predictions:


The iPhone 4S’ display is incredibly crisp, so expect a screen with much higher pixel density on the iPad 3’s HD Retina Display. Expect to see a 1536 x 2048 resolution (4 times that of the iPad 2), especially since many Android tablets now have better resolution than the iPad 2. 


The iPad 2 is powered by an A5 chip, and the iPad 3 should have an A6 chip. If Apple wants to compete with other high-end tabs, the chip will need to be a quad core, enabling users to quickly process video, games, and apps. Top of the line devices are now offering compatibility with 4G LTE, so we’ll likely see this feature in the iPad 3.

Voice Recognition

A big selling feature for the iPhone 4S has been Siri, a voice-activated assistant, so we could see her jump onto the iPad 3.


Reports say that the size will essentially stay the same (so your iPad 2 smart covers and cases should still fit), but the iPad 3 may actually be a bit thicker.

The iPad will be on sale shortly after the press conference on March 7th, so get your iPad 2s on Craigslist now if you plan on buying one!

Apple Event March 7th, might we see iPad 3?

- February 28th, 2012


Rumours of the iPad 3 have been running rampant, in fact rumblings of a 3rd generation Apple tablet began even days before the release of the current incumbent, the iPad 2, a year ago.  Well, we might be closer to that reality as pictures of their media invite slated for March 7th at 10AM PT  (1PM ET) have been circulating around the net.

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