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Apple’s iTV to cost $2,500 and be controlled by a ring?

- April 4th, 2013
Apple TV

Apple TV digital media receiver connected to a television. Not the Apple iTV. (Supplied)

So there has been rumours about the iTV for quite some time.  The device is supposed to be a game changer when it comes to watching television or some such thing. But I haven’t been too excited about it.

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Netflix now on Wii U; Win a Netflix subscription

- November 24th, 2012

 Netflix on Wii U[3]

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch movies more or less from virtually any computer and most gaming consoles, including Nintendo’s latest gaming machine, the Wii U. What’s unique, is Netflix, running on this new console, can take advantage of the machines two-screen integration enabling a totally new browsing and viewing experience in full HD.

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5 great apps for the iPad 2

- April 7th, 2011

iPad 2 apps

Did you just get a shiny new iPad 2? Well then, welcome to the club! As you may know, it comes with some cool built-in apps you should try, such as FaceTime for video chatting. There’s a whole world of apps out there though, here are five fantastic apps I recommend downloading to get your tablet experience started:

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