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Waterproof flash ideal for an Octopus’s Garden

- May 24th, 2014


Underwater photography just got a little more serious as Nikon unveils a flash for underwater use that even ex-Beatle Ringo would love. It’s the Nikon SB-N10 Underwater Speedlight to help you capture the beauty beneath the sea –  whether it is of a shallow reef, an octopus’s garden or places where light may be nonexistent.

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Lil Bub photo app sends you to outer space

- January 14th, 2014

Does your profile pic need some rainbow lasers? How about a Lil Bub cameo?

Bub, the adorable kitty with an ever-expanding media empire, is the star of an outer space-themed photo-editing app called Tuxedo Kittie: Power of BUB.

Using trippy filters and an arsenal of wacky insertable graphics, you can turn a picture of your co-worker into, well, this:


I may owe Jenny a coffee now.

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Reinvented 19th century lens raises $1 Million on Kickstarter

- August 7th, 2013


A new Kickstarter project designed to bring a legendary 19th century camera lens back to life has already got a real boost, having raised $1.13 million U.S. in just over a week. The kicker, pardon the pun, is that the funders were originally looking for backers to pledge $100,000, an amount that they reached within a matter of a few hours. And with already over 2,700 backers, it certainly sounds like there’s a new demand for this oldie but goodie technology.

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Review: Fujifilm XF1 retro look with modern features

- February 26th, 2013


While the focus seems to be on how smart phone cameras will replace point and shoot models, it never ceases to amaze me how many more features and how much power and precision is being incorporated into portable point and shoot cameras. While some of the advanced models are not necessarily small, you can still fit them into your pocket.

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Bolt HD wearable waterproof mini action camera

- January 22nd, 2013


Swann, a company known for providing security monitoring solutions has gone beyond just using cameras for surveillance. They’ve just released Bolt HD, a new high-definition camera that’s both waterproof and wearable, making it ideal for shooting video whether you’re skydiving, motocross racing, surfing, scuba diving or just running in the rain.


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