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Netflix Canada to get Disney films quicker

- July 17th, 2014

Sounds like for once, Canadians luck out when it comes to movies on Netflix.

Netflix Canada has signed an exclusive content deal with Disney to get animated and live action films, roughly eight months after they’ve been released in theatres, according to a press release.

Netflix logo

(REUTERS/Mike Blake/Files)

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Why you’ll fall in love with curved TVs

- May 27th, 2014

One of the newer tech fads out there is curved TVs. And I get it: A  curved television screen mimics a movie theatre feel and it provides slightly better sight-lines for people sitting off-centre from the screen, than flatscreens do.

But the psychology behind our attraction to them is more surprising than you might think. Apparently, a curved TV elicits a more emotional response than a flatscreen.

“(Curved objects are) perceived to be more beautiful,”  Dr. Oshin Vartanian said.

Vartanian, an experimental psychologist who works at the University of Toronto, was on-hand at a recent Samsung event at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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4K’s Sharp look

- November 11th, 2013
Sharp's 4K UD1

Sharp’s 4K UD1. (Supplied)

When it comes to flat-panel TVs, Sharp thinks big. Through its high-end AQUOS line, it only offers TVs 60 inches and larger.

Alongside its 1080p LED TVs,  and its Quattron models (which add a yellow sub-pixel to the standard RGB colour setup), Sharp recently added a 4K ultra-high definition model to its lineup – the UD1. And I got a demonstration of the 70-inch television last week.

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Avoid ‘Breaking Bad’ spoilers with Netflix’s Spoiler Foiler

- September 25th, 2013
Spoiler Foiler


Are you tired of having your favourite show ruined by those terrible people of Twitter who live tweet every moment of every episode live before you have a chance to see it yourself?

If so, you may be interested in Netflix’s new site Spoiler Foiler. Set up specifically for Breaking Bad, the site is designed to black out tweets about the show so your life won’t be destroyed by accidentally reading random details posted about the show. According to Onion’s A.V.  Club, it blacks out the text of any tweet with the words “breaking” or “bad” in it, with a warning placed on it. And according to my own tests, it censors tweets with the words “white” (as in “Walter White”) or “Pinkman” as well. It may censor other character names and information as well, but I only played around with it for a little bit. If you click the black bar, it will reveal the tweet.

It seems a little strange for Netflix to launch this feature around Breaking Bad, as the show ends this weekend but as the A.V. Club points, if it’s successful, then may launch it around other popular shows as well.

One of the obvious problems is that the site will black out the tweets with the “offending” words whether they are referring to the show or not. (In the screenshot above, Keith Olbermann was not actually tweeting about the AMC show, he just retweeted an insult he received that included the word “bad.”)

But the bigger issue is that Spoiler Foiler is a site and not an add-on for Twitter. You have to go to and then login to it through your Twitter account, which can be annoying to navigate on, say, a smartphone. The site will load but it’s cumbersome and it’s not useful for anyone who gets notifications through the Twitter app, or uses HootSuite or TweetDeck.

Also, the site itself has some functionality removed. You can tweet, retweet and favourite posts without issues.  You can even tweet through it about Breaking Bad without having them censored. But the hashtags in the tweets aren’t clickable, you can’t access your Twitter lists or even do searches. And the site doesn’t update in real time. The tweets appear in batches.

So, ultimately, I’m not really sure what the point of the site, other than a bad attempt at branding for Netflix and the series. But I guess if you’re really behind on the series but love using Twitter (especially at 9 p.m. this Sunday, this site might be of use to you.)

Of course, it you are up-to-date, you might prefer to watch this preview for the finale instead: