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Be selfish for Valentine’s Day win yourself a Motorola ATRIX HD

- February 7th, 2013


At this time of the year my InBox usually gets flooded with heart-infused PR pitches vying for my attention. But when this one arrived with the subject line – “Tis the season to be single & selfish – treat yourself with the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day,” I was teetering on  “Return to sender”, but my actual reply was a single word – “Really?”

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Valentines Offerings for Apple Lovers

- February 14th, 2012


Looking for that last minute Apple inspired Valentines gift for your sweetheart? While gadgets, gizmos and digital delights are no guarantee to strengthen your relationships, they can certainly go a long way on that special day in helping to say, I Love You in a geeky sort of way!
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Valentine’s Day apps help you feel the love

- February 14th, 2011

Puzzle 2

Looking for just the right gift for Valentine’s Day? There are Apps that can help you do that. Some can offer great ideas while others can help you buy. Some are just for fun and others exist to challenge your mind. Some offer guidance to help you find the right words and others in their own special way simply say, “I Love You”. While there are just too many to mention, here are just a couple of the many apps available for this special day.

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