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ClipR turns your headphones wireless

- March 1st, 2014


Don’t you just wish your favourite headphones or speakers were wireless? If your wired audio accessories have a 3.5” connector or jack, a new little gadget –ClipR by Muse Mini – can turn them wireless through Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC (Near Field Communication).

ClipR acts as a transceiver in the form of a lightweight rubber polymer coated disc, shaped like a bulked up poker chip – 42mm wide and 8mm high.

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Review: ID America TouchTone portable wireless speaker

- December 10th, 2013

TouchTone Red

Every new vendor of Bluetooth speakers tries to somehow differentiate their products from the rest of the bunch and ID America is no different. Known for earbuds, their latest creation, the TouchTone, is a stylish portable speaker and wireless speakerphone that connects to your computer or portable device via Bluetooth.

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iRig BlueBoard: first Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard controller

- October 10th, 2013


There might come a day where there will be no wires onstage as IK Multimedia has just released yet another wireless first – the iRig BlueBoard Wireless MIDI pedalboard for Mac and iOS devices. It gives those on stage hands-free wireless control of their music apps easily and on the fly.

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