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‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’ backfires at Klick Health

- December 6th, 2013


You just wonder if it was a really good idea. In just over two minutes you get to see over 30 animals and exotic insects take over the offices when all hell breaks loose over at Toronto-based, Klick Health in a twisted take on “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.”

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Extreme Toshiba field testing with Matt and Jamie

- May 1st, 2013

toshiba steam

I always get a kick out of extreme anything – whether it is extreme sports, extreme makeovers or extreme ridiculousness. Of course being the gadget guy, when I came across Toshiba’s extreme attempt at this genre, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Furthermore, I thought something light to follow the last day of tax season would release a little stress that some of us may have had.

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Google goes prank crazy on April Fools’ Day – again

- April 1st, 2013


Well, you’ve got to hand it Google. They certainly go all out for April Fools’ Day.  They played their first prank on netizens back in 2000, with MentalPlex, a search engine add-on that could supposedly search the web via telepathy. You would think of something and then click on an animated gif of red-and-blue swirl. Of course, once you clicked on it, it would just bring up an error message and then search results for “April Fools’ Day.”

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My 2012 top 3 YouTube memorable music moments

- December 28th, 2012


Ever since my first exposure to The Beatles TV Series (the cartoons), at the age of five, I have been a huge music fan. And if you look back, there are those musical moments that become ingrained in your mind. As we get older, the details often begin to fade. Sometimes, we’re lucky. Maybe we’ve recorded that moment; maybe we have it on DVD, or 8MM film. But more often than not, the analog version of those bits and bytes or fragments thereof, are just there in our minds. Thank goodness for YouTube!

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