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When The Next Uber Crackdown Might Happen

- October 9th, 2014

No more Uber-related bylaw charges to tell you about this morning, but I can tell you when you can expect undercover bylaw officers to be checking on drivers.

Next Thursday, Oct. 16.


That’s when the Ottawa Senators open their regular season schedule at home and there will be thousands of people who need to get to Canadian Tire Centre.

Emergency and protective services GM Susan Jones suggested in a conversation yesterday that the enforcement might happen at the start of the Sens season.

So, there’s a bit of a warning for unlicensed Uber drivers.

Not to say there wouldn’t be investigations until then. But that’s the next day when there will likely be heavy demand for transportation services.

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Unifor Wants Province To Crack Down On Uber

- October 8th, 2014

The nation’s largest private sector union, Unifor, is calling on the provincial government to step into the Uber fray as the “technology company” continues to create a buzz in Ottawa.

(Before going further, for transparency, I should note that Unifor represents Ottawa Sun journalists, including me).

Unifor president Jerry Dias wants Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca to give bylaw officers more power to enforce “bandit” cabs.

It’s a labour issue since the Ottawa taxi driver’s union is a Unifor member (formerly Canadian Auto Workers) and city cabbies aren’t happy with unlicensed drivers on their turf.

Here’s the letter Dias sent to Del Duca today:

Unifor Letter To Del Duca Uber Oct8 2014

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Election Sign Rules And Bylaws

- May 5th, 2014

Be prepared for a colourful streetscape to begin appearing over the next week. And then again starting in August.

The provincial election is June 12. The municipal election is Oct. 27.

Calls are already pouring into the city about election signs and the associated rules. Sue Jones, the general manager in charge of bylaw, sent council the rules today. Here’s her memo:

Mayor and Members of Council,
Following Friday’s call for the Ontario Provincial election for June 12, 2014, By-law & Regulatory Services has received a number of questions from residents with respect to the sign by-laws and the rules regarding election signs. Members of Council may be receiving similar questions from residents. The following is a summary of the rules:

1. The sign by-laws rules for election signs are equally applicable to federal, provincial and municipal elections – there is no differentiation based on the duration of the election period;
2. Election signs on private property, such as lawns and businesses, are permitted 60 days in advance of an election day;
3. Elections signs on public property, such as road allowances, are permitted 30 days in advance of an election day;
4. Election signs must be removed within 48 hours of an election event;
5. The signs by-laws, like all by-laws, is administered on a complaint basis.

By way of background, I have attached the full text of the 2004 by-law as well as the 2007 amendment. As well, there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can be found here: The Elections Office provides a similar page for the municipal election:
As well, the Signs on City Roads By-law (2003-520) includes provisions for election signs, as does the Temporary Signs on Private Property By-law (2004-239).
Members of Council are encouraged to send any calls from campaigns directly to 311. Campaigns may have additional questions, such as signage around voting locations, that may be governed by relevant election legislation but may also be addressed in our own by-laws and are best answered by staff.

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City Hall Parking Blitz

- November 19th, 2012

On Friday I noted the parking crackdown around City Hall.

This morning, emergency and protective services general manager Susan Jones revealed how many tickets her staff wrote that day…

Hogging The E-Car Spot

- November 16th, 2012

You might have been following the Twitter conversation this week about the parking situation on the Lisgar St. side of City Hall.

The city recently installed a new charging station for electric cars. One of the courier parking spaces is completely dedicated for e-cars.

Security and bylaw officers have been watching the e-car spot closely after reports of non-electric cars hogging the spot. As I write this, there’s another non-electric car in the charging spot.

If this keeps up, the city will be able to pay for the $25,000 installation cost in no time!

Some of the Twitter talk…

Sun columnist Susan Sherring was chatting with protective services GM Susan Jones about the parking problems and Jones shared a funny little anecdote.

Jones writes: “We got one person the other day who parked on the entrance ramp at Elgin to City Hall to run in and pay a ticket. He received a ticket.  When he came out he saw the ticket and drove around to the Lisgar side and pulled into the electric car spot to go in and contest that ticket. He got another ticket. Expensive lesson for him.”

Bylaw officers aren’t messing around. This afternoon I was driving up the ramp from the underground parking garage on Elgin St. and saw a marked OPP vehicle parked there with a ticket on the windshield.