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Is Your Hydro Ottawa Bill High This Month? You’re Not Alone

- April 3rd, 2014

Ah, spring is here, and that means the return of seasonal rituals.

Cleaning the streets.

Preparing the sports fields.

Rebuilding bridges.

And, apparently, taking complaints about high hydro bills.

Here’s Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad warning council about the jump in complaints after some particularly cold winter months.

High Hydro Bills Memo April 3 2014

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Hydro Ottawa Monitoring Sandy

- October 29th, 2012

If there are any power outages because of the storm, it might be a good idea to start following your councillor on Twitter.

Hydro Letter Re Hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012

New Hydro Honcho

- July 14th, 2011

Here’s everything you need to know about Hydro Ottawa’s new CEO, Bryce Conrad (pictured right), courtesy of the city-owned utility:

With over ten years of executive and senior management experience with the Government of Canada, Bryce Conrad has earned a reputation as one of the top performing executives in Canada’s civil service. Having negotiated complex agreements between the federal government and provinces, territories and municipalities, and managed many billions of dollars worth of capital projects and infrastructure, he is regarded as a prudent financial manager, a skilled negotiator, and an action-oriented executive with strong business and people skills.

Mr. Conrad currently serves as Assistant Deputy Minister – Program Operations at Infrastructure Canada, where he recently managed the implementation of the $4 billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, overseeing the selection and management of 4,000 projects that created more than $10 billion in economic activity. He was also responsible for the oversight and administration of the Building Canada Fund, the Green Infrastructure Fund and the Gas Tax agreements with provinces and municipalities.

Mr. Conrad has risen quickly through the executive ranks in the federal government. He has previously served in executive and senior roles at Infrastructure Canada, Transport Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, and Human Resources Development Canada, with responsibilities including Highways and Borders, Surface Infrastructure Programs, Expenditure Management Review, and Cabinet and Parliamentary Affairs. He has managed a wide range of programs and infrastructure investments, led large and complex organizations, and provided advice to deputy ministers, ministers, cabinet committees, and cabinet.

Mr. Conrad is fluently bilingual, and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Queens University, a Master of Public Administration from Carleton University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.

Some Harvesting On The Server Farm

- April 19th, 2011

Here’s one for all you technology and environment buffs out there.

The city has two server “farms” with about 550 servers altogether. They store the city’s websites, email, applications and other computing services.

Anyone who has been in the server room of their own company knows there needs to be enough air conditioning to keep the machines cool. Plenty of energy consumption all around.

The city wants to replace 260 computer servers with 15 “virtualized” servers by the end of 2013, reducing the actual physical number of servers needed for city business.

That, according to the city, would be the equivalent of taking 228 cars off the road annually, since 2.7 million pounds of carbon emissions would disappear. Electricity consumption would drop by 103 kilowatts and cooling power would decrease by 129 kilowatts.

Every bit helps, especially if it keeps the hydro bills down.

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Hydro Confirms Dividend

- April 6th, 2011

Hydro Ottawa, as expected, announced a $17.5-million dividend for the City of Ottawa today.

The press release:

Apr 06, 2011 14:05 ET

Hydro Ottawa Declares $17.5 Million Dividend for 2010

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 6, 2011) – Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. has declared a dividend of $17.5 million to its sole shareholder, the City of Ottawa, based on the company’s strong performance in 2010.

“Hydro Ottawa continued to meet and exceed its financial targets in 2010, while providing efficient and reliable service to our customers,” said Pierre Richard, Q.C., ICD.D., Chair of the Board of Directors. “Since 2006, the Board of Directors of Hydro Ottawa has returned $104.3 million to its shareholder in dividends. The company is a solid, growing asset for our shareholder, and we are positioned for continued success in the years to come.”

This year’s strong financial performance can be attributed to effective cost management and productivity improvements, as well as growth in Hydro Ottawa’s energy management and renewable generation business lines.

Hydro Ottawa’s annual financial and operational results, including the company’s audited financial statements, will be released at the time of its Annual General meeting, scheduled for May 25, 2011.

Key results and achievements include:

Hydro Ottawa achieved normalized net income of $29.1 million, and declared dividends of $17.5 million, representing 60 percent of net income;

Revenues from renewable generation and energy management services continued to increase, growing by 19.8 percent and 12.1 percent respectively;

Hydro Ottawa’s distribution rates have remained stable over the past two years, with a total bill increase of 0.3 percent in May 2009 and a decrease of 0.5 percent in May 2010;

Customer satisfaction has increased steadily to its current rate of 92 percent, as measured by a third-party administered survey; and

Service reliability remains among the best in the industry, with uninterrupted power 99.988% of the time for an average customer.