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What The Planning Dept. Did And What It Will Do

- April 8th, 2014

Planning GM John Moser delivered this presentation to council’s planning committee today. It’s a high-level overview of the department’s work this term and it highlights the work staff will do in 2014.

Planning Presentation April 8 2014

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Revised “Attika” Concept And Tall Buildings

- May 31st, 2013

We’ll have a little show-and-tell in the Sun over the weekend on the city’s tall buildings, but I thought I’d mention here the revised plan filed last Friday by Tega Homes for its controversial “Attika at Parkdale Market” proposal, nestled up against the Carleton Tavern. Eighteen storeys, about 240 units, a restaurant and a few retail spaces.

A bit from the description of the revisions after the urban design review…

“The streetscape is now better defined with the use of continuous canopies which also relate to a more human scale. The appearance of these projections harks back to the industrial heritage of the neighbourhood and is defined by the use of exposed steel structural members supporting a deck. Finally, a more amenable relationship was created to the park and market by increasing the arcaded portion of the Armstrong St. side across the entire frontage. The arcade previously only occupied the corner of the site. A small public plaza is now possible directly in front of the 2 storey podium for park goers.”

That area around Tunney’s Pasture — like the Carling Ave./Preston St. node — is a big target for condo towers. Things are changing in central-west Ottawa. Fast.

The Latest Court Decision On 287 Cumberland St.

- May 9th, 2013

A judge ruled yesterday that Claude Lauzon had to cough up his engineering report on the old schoolhouse he wants to demolish. It’s a small win for the city before the court considers whether or not to grant Lauzon’s application to raze the heritage building. (Here’s some background reading on the issue).

May 8 2013 Court Decision on 287 Cumberland

Little Italy: Ottawa’s Next Photo Backdrop

- March 26th, 2013

From Colonel By Dr. looking across Dows Lake to the foot of Little Italy. Those blue drawn-in buildings could be the skyline in 10-20 years.

Urban design guru George Dark is the lead consultant on the city’s study for the Preston-Carling area. During today’s marathon planning committee meeting, Dark flashed this picture on the screen and said it’s the next backdrop for tourists taking pictures. With the Little Italy area becoming a hot spot for condo towers, Dark believes people will eventually think it’s the start of Ottawa’s downtown, judging by the skyline alone.

A Rare Case Of Hume Being Left Out Of Planning Loop

- February 26th, 2013

It’s hard to believe Coun. Peter Hume would be left out of the loop on a planning issue, but it sure looks like that’s the case on a matter of crafting a bylaw to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

A few reporters today were asking Hume, the planning chairman, about what’s happening at 287 Cumberland St.. It has turned into a legal fiasco with Groupe Claude Lauzon asking the courts for permission to demolish its heritage building rather than asking council.

We asked Hume what he thinks about writing a bylaw to compel owners to keep heritage buildings up to snuff.

(The EMC’s Laura Mueller touched on the policy changes in her story a couple weeks ago, the Citizen’s Joanne Chianello also opined on the issue, and I asked Heritage Ottawa about it this week.)

Hume answered and I followed up asking if staff or the mayor’s office is looking into a new bylaw.

Not to his knowledge, Hume said.

But then the mayor’s office confirmed later that staff are working on “bylaw options” that would address issues like 287 Cumberland St.

And then this email popped into my inbox from city spokeswoman Andrea Ruttan (which was a surprise to me because I didn’t pose a question to staff):

Response: “Options for amendments to existing by-laws and the possibility of new by-laws to address the issues related to vacant buildings are currently being contemplated,” –Linda Anderson Chief of By-law and Regulatory Services.

I don’t know if it’s because bylaw services is on the file, but it just seemed out of sorts that Hume wouldn’t be privy to the behind-the-scenes work on a timely planning issue.

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