Ottawa Wants To Recycle Styrofoam

- December 11th, 2011

Anyone who buys a lot of meat from the supermarket knows it’s a pain to fit all the styrofoam containers in the kitchen trash. Wouldn’t it be great to just rinse the containers off and toss them in the blue bin?

In an email to council today, environment committee chairwoman Maria McRae says the residential recycling collection contract expires in 2013 and a request for proposals in 2012 will ask for bids that include the ability to recycle styrofoam and thin plastic film, which I imagine would include plastic grocery bags.

McRae sent the email ahead of tomorrow’s committee meeting on the Plasco contract. McRae wants council to know that if the city signs a long-term deal with Plasco, it won’t turn its back on recycling programs. She also tells council the city wants to expand the green bin program in more schools and “two large commercial entities.”

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