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The Queen is very, very, very, very happy

- June 21st, 2013

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reacts as her horse wins the Gold Cup …

Must-watch video: Miss Iowa gets asked about marijuana use

- January 13th, 2013

With two states voting to approve recreational use of marijuana, Miss Iowa gets asked if this is the right direction for the country?

Miss Iowa (her name, by the way, is Mariah Carey) finished fifth.

Three outstanding “End of the World” front pages

- December 21st, 2012

Ottawa Sun December 21

You have to be an R.E.M. fan and a fan of trashy tabloids to get the next  (fake) front page: Read more…

To mark Keleki’s closing, what’s your favourite local eatery?

- December 1st, 2012


The Winnipeg Sun reports that, after 81 years business, the popular eatery Keleki’s is set to close.

Which prompted me to wonder: What are places to eat that are most cherished in other communities around the country? Read more…

Pete, Roger: Tho I love your work, I won’t be at your concert next week

- November 17th, 2012
The Who on tour 2012

DULUTH, Ga. – Roger Daltrey, left, and Pete Townshend, perform as The Who on Nov. 5, 2012. (AFP/Rick Diamond)

In a few days, The Who will play a concert at ScotiaBank Place, the hockey arena where the Ottawa Senators play and which is a five-minute drive from my home.

Now, my all-time favourite band on most days of the week is The Clash. But on those days of the week when it is not The Clash, my favourite band is The Who.  And as The Clash is no longer touring, this tour by The Who is about my only chance to see my other favourite band of all time in live performance.

But I’m not going.

And here’s why. Read more…