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Are you in Justin Trudeau’s middle class?

- April 2nd, 2014

Justin Trudeau in Question Period


Ajax, Ont.,

Reporter (Marissa Semkiw): “What income range for individuals and households constitutes middle class?”

Trudeau: “You’d like a number?” Read more…

Housing Bubble? Bunk!

- March 24th, 2014

Is the bursting of a housing bubble in Canada about to blow away the value of your home?
Bunk, says the Conference Board of Canada.
In a report to be released Monday, the Ottawa-based independent think tank says bubble fears are overblown.
That’s an important conclusion not only for homeowners in Canada but also for policy makers in Ottawa. Read more…

Jobs and politics: Devastating data for the incumbent in Quebec

- March 7th, 2014

For this tweet, CAQ Leader François Legault was cherry-picking one of the worst data points for Quebec in today’s monthly jobs report from Statistics Canada but he had lots to choose from. It was a very bleak report card for the PQ government of Premier Pauline Marois. The highlight? Statistics Canada found that, in the space of one month between January and February this year, 25,500 jobs disappeared in the province.   Read more…

PBO: On austerity, size of the civil service, and computers

- February 24th, 2014

With just a few weeks to go until the end of Ottawa’s current fiscal year (March 31), the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s latest review of the government’s latest spending plan [pdf] concludes the federal government will spend about $259.9 billion this year or just 0.3% more than it spent in fiscal 2013.

And yet, the PBO believes that spending should have been higher as the government made, but did not follow through on, several spending commitments: Read more…

Ralph Goodale: A focus on the economy and a strong democracy go hand in hand

- February 21st, 2014

Tonight on my program, Battleground on Sun News Network, I talk to the last Liberal finance minister the country has known, Ralph Goodale about some of the issues I raise in my weekend newspaper column.