Justin Trudeau’s co-campaign chair: The 2015 general election campaign has started

- December 9th, 2013

Katie Telford and Daniel Gagnier are the co-campaign chairs for the Liberal Party of Canada. The 2015 general election will be their first test and it will be a big one. Their Liberal predecessors in 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2011 under-performed. Their NDP and Conservative opponents — Brad Lavigne and Jenni Byrne respectively in 2011 — delivered big results for their parties.

But so far in their tenure, they are off to a promising start: 3 for 5 in by-elections with their leader, Justin Trudeau, and those by-election victories include one steal (Labrador) and two holds (Toronto Centre and Bourassa).

In these videos — well worth watching no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on — Telford and Gagnier sound like they understand what’s at stake and what has to change within their  party. As Telford says:

‘Let’s be very clear what happened this fall. The campaign started — the general campaign that is,” Telford says in the video. Indeed it has.

“Stephen Harper has attack ads against our leader in various forms right now and we are under attack from both the Conservatives and the NDP …. Do you think they would be making attack ads if our strategy weren’t working?”

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  1. Observant says:

    It will be interesting how the Liberals will counter the accusation that Justin is a self-proclaimed Quebec supremacist and a self-admitted pothead.

    I feel sorry for all the young Liberal supporter who are putting their faith into Justin “Chippendale” Trudeau, because they may well be very disappointed come the 2015 election.

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