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By phone, Harper and Netanyahu speak about the Hamas rocket attacks

- July 19th, 2014

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel earlier this year. (DAVID AKIN/QMI)

Earlier today, Canada’s Prime MInister Stephen Harper spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Here is the ‘read-out’ from the Harper’s office:
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Pancakes, politics, and parades: Stephen, Justin, Xavier … and Captain Kirk

- July 4th, 2014

Harper and Trudeau at the Calgary Stampede

Cool pic (above) taken at the Calgary Stampede and published on Justin Trudeau’s Flickr feed. Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomes Xavier Trudeau to Calgary, as dad looks on. Read more…

By-election scorecards: How have party leaders fared?

- June 30th, 2014



Since Stephen Harper became leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, he has led his side through 30 by-elections. His party’s record in those by-elections? Pretty good. Conservatives held 7 seats in which they were the incumbent, stole 4 seats from another incumbent party, and suffered 1 loss. In the rest, they were neither the incumbent nor were able to steal.  Read more…

Article: Are U.S. Reform Conservatives Serious? (and why Canadian conservatives should care)

- June 1st, 2014

A long but rewarding read from E.J. Dionne [first published in the journal Democracy but re-published by The Atlantic on the intellectual state-of-the-nation of U.S. conservatives. Notable from Canadian eyes in this sense: The "reformicons" Dionne described as "heretics" in the U.S. Republican movement -- people like like David Frum, Bruce Bartlett and Ross Douthat -- appear to be advocating for a conservativism in the U.S. that, to my eyes, rather resembles the conservatism of the Conservative Party of Canada. And so, just as the Conservative Party of Canada may serve as a possible inspiration for the Republicans, so too could today's Republican Party serve as a king of warning for Canadian Conservatives should it fail lower- and middle-income households [a recent report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer noted that under the Harper government's tax cuts  have helped "Low and middle income earners [benefit] more, in relative terms, than higher income earners.”) have been and be seen as ignoring the problem of economic inequality in our society. 

Some excerpts from the Dionne piece: Read more…

A “strain” between the country’s top judge and top politician

- May 1st, 2014

Here’s the top bit of a very interesting column by my friend John Ivison of the National Post:

Rumours about Beverley McLachlin, the Chief Justice, are being shared with journalists, alleging she lobbied against the appointment of Marc Nadon to the court (an appointment later overturned as unconstitutional). It is also being suggested she has told people the Harper government has caused more damage to the court as an institution than any government in Canadian history.

The chatter suggests there is a clear strain between the offices of the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice. Read more…