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Southern comfort

- March 14th, 2012

Life of a hashtag – do infographics help you understand the news?

- March 14th, 2012

Looking forward to your comments on this infographic. I’m trying to see whether using such visual tools are a good idea when discussing public affairs. Do you find this amusing/helpful or mostly annoying?

This gives you an idea of how the twitter hashtag #pierrepoutine evolved over time.

infographic created with



Two minutes of politics, March 14

- March 14th, 2012

Afghans protest
The weekend killing of Afghan civilians by – we believe – a rogue US Army soldier is inexcusable. No warrior worthy of the name takes innocent lives like that – sixteen of them, including 9 children. That’s despicable, and dishonourable. And yes, it’s also the most counterproductive thing anyone could have done, for it will certainly add a great deal of tension to an already unpleasant situation.

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Pat Martin apologizes

- March 14th, 2012

Pat Martin
Amazing how beautifully $5 million focuses the mind

In an interview broadcast on Global News and published on the Internet on March 7, 2012, I referred to Responsive Marketing Group Inc., also known as RMG, in the context of the current so-called robocalls controversy.

I did not intend to impugn any notion of illegal behaviour to RMG.  In that sense, my statement was ill-advised.

I am firmly of the belief that in the matter of robocalls, the investigations currently being conducted should run their course and that they will find the truth of what actually happened.

I apologize for any harm that may have resulted from my statement of March 7.