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Life of a hashtag: #sunfight

- April 1st, 2012

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Storifying the fight

- April 1st, 2012

The thrilla on the … oh, never mind

- April 1st, 2012

Brazeau bloodied
It was about three weeks ago that I started warning people not to take for granted that Justin Trudeau could be punched out easily. Watch out, I said, Trudeau will surprise a lot of people. This is Olympic boxing, not a bar brawl. I’ll bet you Trudeau is quick, etc. I still thought the senator would win the fight, but that he’d have to work pretty hard at it. I was half wrong – Brazeau did not have the discipline and endurance I thought he had, and he let himself get rattled by the weaker-looking man. Trudeau did surprise a lot of people indeed, very much including Brazeau, who evidently never imagined the Shiny Pony could hit this hard and take strong punches so well.

And this is where Trudeau surprised me, too – a great deal. As the fight went on, he kept hitting, stronger and stronger. That is the mark of a very well trained fighter; the ability to keep fighting hard – harder – as you get tired. Trudeau showed strength and discipline under pressure I didn’t think he had.

But Trudeau knew he had it… Look at his face at the end of the first round. He smiled… He knew his opponent’s plan of going for the strong knock-out in the first round hadn’t worked, and that it was time for *his* plan to take effect: Punch and punch and punch and not let Brazeau get back in the fight. That plan worked splendidly. Well done!