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It’s Committee of the Whole time

- May 9th, 2012

MPs gather Wednesday night for the – in my opinion – wonderfully named ‘Committee of the Whole.’

What is it?

Parliament’s own website starts its explanation of the committee with this quote:

There is as little sense of reality in appointing a committee of sixty members as there is in having a Committee of the Whole of 265: it is hopeless to expect a committee of such size to accomplish any useful work.

W.F. Dawson

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Barack Obama endorses gay marriage

- May 9th, 2012

Mark my words: This election is over.

No more personal shoppers for prison inmates

- May 9th, 2012

Prison social workers won’t be acting as valets for prison inmates any more.

“Institutional staff are not personal shoppers,” Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said Wednesday. Read more…

Vic Toews gets tough with CFOs over backdoor registries

- May 9th, 2012

Quietly rewriting grant descriptions

- May 9th, 2012